BIOMIXisa2-componentsealantofhighcontentbiobasedchemicalcoldhardeningdevelopedon polysulfide based polymer and hardened by classical reaction of interaction of end SH-group with manganese dioxide.

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BIOMIXisa2-componentsealantofhighcontentbiobasedchemicalcoldhardeningdevelopedon polysulfide based polymer and hardened by classical reaction of interaction of end SH-group with manganese dioxide.

BIOMIX is delivered in the form of a set consisting of component A (base) and component B (hardener) mixed just before application. After mixing of components, the sealant forms thixotropic and easily applied paste.

After hardening as result of chemical reaction the elastic rubber-like material with high strength properties, resistance to vibrations and atmospheric actions is formed, it has excellent adhesion to surfaces ranging from glass, aluminum to stainless and zinc galvanized steel.


BIOMIX is a secondary perimeter sealant for production of insulation glass units providing its mechanical strength, protecting primary sealant and ensuring an additional barrier for penetration of water moisture inside insulation glass unit and diffusion of gases.


The sealant has the following distinctive properties:

-High adhesion to glass, metal and plastic spacers (aluminum, stainless or zinc galvanized steel,


-Optimal physical and mechanical properties both for automatic and hand application;

-Optimal pot life and hardening time;

-Optimal thixotropic properties (no leaks, no stringing);

-High resistance to atmospheric impact and heat-aging resistance.

-The product is very soft in high viscosites and it is very easy to apply.

-Makes filling full of the product filled spaces to the thinest details.

-A component protects the existing color in very long-term storage.

-The fragrant does not comfort the employees as it does not damage human health.

-The finished product is resistant to uv rays

-Shore A 38-42 range and high adaptability to glass.

-4 seasons are available without summer winter separation.

-It is a longer life product.

-With more energy and maintenance costs in extrusion machine applications.

-Protects the measurement stability at the first appliance for the long years, it does not pull and blow.

-Vapor permeability with humidity properties has the feature to be zero in the final



BIOMIX component A shall be used only with BIOMIX component B. For a dosage of components, preparation and application of the sealant mixture, it is necessary to use the special equipment or tools.

Pot life of the sealant ranges from 30 to 60 min. depending on a batch of the sealant, mixing ratio of components and environmental conditions.


  • 10:1 by volume
  • 10:0,9 by weight

The sealant mixture shall be prepared according to proportions indicated on the sealant’s labels and according to information of technical data sheet. Mixing tolerance of component B shall be within ±20% of nominal volume of the sealant mixture. Excessive quantity of component B will result shortening of curing time, adhesive properties of the sealant may deteriorate in this case, on the contrary insufficient quantity of component B will speed up curing of the sealant mixture but mechanical parameters of the polymerized sealant may deteriorate.

Ambient temperature makes considerable effect on curing speed of the sealant. Rise of temperature will shorten pot-life and increase curing speed of the sealant. Optimum temperature for processing of the sealant is +23±2 °C.


Components of the sealant shall be duly mixed in order to guaranty proper mechanical characteristics of the sealant. Visual control of mixing properties shall be carried on a regular basis. The mixed sealant should be homogeneous and without “marble stains”.


Components of the sealant should be stored in the closed dry conditions protected from direct sun, atmospheric precipitation and mechanical damages.

The recommended storage temperature: +10°C …+30°C. Storage at a temperature below +10 °C does not does not make harm to the sealant, but depending on a period of storage at cold, warming up to working temperatures may take several days.

Warranty period: 6 months in original packaging.


For application using an extruder: 209 ltr. (barrel 190 ltr. + bucket 19 ltr.) For a manual method of application: 19,8 ltr. (bucket of 18 ltr. + tin 1,8 ltr.). Special packing of sealant components is available upon demand.


Name of the indicator

BIOMIX forautomaticuse( extruder )

1. External appearence

- компонентA

- компонентB

White to beige colored paste

 Black-colored paste

2. Viscosity at 23°C

- Component A, cps

- Component B, cps

(200 – 250)*1000

(80 – 120)*1000

3. Density at 23°C

- component A, g/cm3

- component B, g/cm3



4. Pot life at 23°C (primary hardening), minutes

30 - 60

5. Resistance to fluidity (thixotropy), mm, no



6. Degree of curing (hardness), Shore A unit:

- in 2 h at 23°C, not less

- in 24h at 23°C, not less



7. Adhesion to glass, min., not less


8. Adhesion to a remote frame, min., not less


9. Nature of destruction


10. Conditional tensile strength at break, MPa, not less


11. Specific elongation at break, %, not less


12. Degree of grinding of component B, micron, no more