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TIOSEAL continues its research and development activities more and more every day in order to meet the variable demands of its customers in its laboratories established in accordance with today’s latest technological requirements adopted by the chemical industry.

In addition to serving the Turkish and international building sectors with TİOMİX, BIOMIX and DURA-SEAL trademark products certified to comply with the International Standards, TIOSEAL has accelerated its activities in accordance with company’s 5 year development program.

Two-component polysulfide sealant, butyl, hotmelt and molecular sieve, which are the basic and indispensable cornerstones of the double-glazing sector where energy saving and environmental protection activities become important are servicing the growing Tukish and international construction sectors.

TIOSEAL never ignores the necessity of the totally client-oriented service and complete after-sales support with its experienced technical staff while marketing its products in accordance with the international quality norms. For this purpose, it has determined its quality targets and pays maximum attention to the thorough manufacturing of its products.