In addition to serving the Turkish construction sector with its TİOMIX trademark products that are certified to conform to international standards, Tioseal has adopted its goal of taking part in international markets as well and accelerated its activities sinc

In our world where energy gains importance day by day Tioseal produces two component sealant (thiokol) for high quality bonding application to heat insulated glasses.

We provide solutions to our indispensable and fully satisfied clients with our leading partners in their respective fields such as butyl, hot melt, silicone based paste, molecular sieve, aluminum spacer bar and glass cork.

Tioseal has production capacity of 1000 tons/month in İstanbul / Arnavutköy factory. With our belief in our country and our trust in our products, our investments continue without interruption and our factory is increasing it’s capacity day by day.

Tioseal targets to be leader of Turkish glass industry with it’s trademarked products as Tiomix and Duraseal that are certified by International Standards. In addition to this, advertisements and marketing activities of our products are proceeding in Europe, Balkans, Middle East and African countries .

As Tioseal family, we are aware that a more natural world is the most valuable heritage that will remain for future generations. From this perspective, we proudly announce that Tioseal produces the world's first bio-thiocol for the insulating glass sector, with hundreds of hours of R&D work and high engineering capability in our laboratories. Our product will be ready for commercial use in the near future. We will be pleased to welcome you in our launch of Bio-Thiocol. Furthermore, Tioseal has started to work on the production of molecular sieve in accordance with international quality norms and aims to meet the demands of sector in a short time.

 Our Mission

To be the best option for those who want to get the best results with our continuous improvement strategy.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted, loved and leading company in the sector.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Equality
  • Confidence
  • Passion
  • Responsibility